Saturday, May 13, 2006

Loose Weight Tips - Life Changes That Can Make You Fat

Time brings change - and not all of it good. Here's when to beware of kilos creeping on.

When you've worked hard to get in shape, it's dissapointing when your pants suddenly feel tight again for no apparent reason.

While it's true that metabolism begins to slow down as we age and can sometimes result in a few extra kilograms, there's another common culprit which can also tip the scales again at any stage of our lives - it's called change,

From a promotion at work to losing a loved one, there are several life stages which most blokes will face at one time or another. The key to maintaining a healthy weight during these times is to identify the problems and understand why the potential to put on weight exists.

1. Marriage
They say the way to a bloke's heart is through his stomach, and research shows that after marriage, young men tend to become more complacent about their weight and put on a few kilograms. The reason for this? Less organised sport, more home-cooked dinners, and he no longer needs to maintain his fit build in order to increase his "pulling power"!

2. Weight-Loss plateaus
As your body adjusts to a diet and exercise program, it's common to hit plateau after a period of steady weight loss. This can curb your enthusiasm, giving you an excuse to slack off under the pretext that your hard efforts are going to waste.

3. Changing Jobs
The stress of a new career challenge can easily cause you to take your eye off the ball. In an effort to impress your new boss you may be putting in longer hours than normal. which can not only dip into your exercise time but can also lead to you choosing the easy way out and for fast food over a healty meal.

4. Prolonged stress
During long periods of stress, to much cortisol can remain in your blood and lead to fat storage, particularly around the waist. At these times, you might indulge in comfort foods to beat the pressure.

5. Quitting smoking
Many people report gaining around 3.5 kilograms in the first year or so after giving up the fags. Studies suggest that smoking increases metabolic rate and suppresses appetite, so when you quit you tend to eat more. Some might also comfort eat to beat cravings and keep their hands busy.

6. Retirement from sport
Many blokes retire from sport but continue eating the same way. This imbalance of calories intake versus energy output can lead to unwanted kilograms.

7.A death, divorce or separation
During such a stressful and traumatic period of life, managing weight often takes second place to coping with the loss. As a result, there is often a reduction in physical activity and an increase comfort eating.

8. Middle age
Our metabolism declines as we age: around 2 per cent per decade after our twenties. Add to this mid-life stress, and many can gain weight without realising.

9. Prescribed medications
Medications such antidepressants and steroids can lead to weight gain when used long term. Check with your doctor if you suspect your weight gain could be caused by this, and ask for an alternative.

Maintaining weight loss is a challenge, so should you happen to regain weight, don't despair. Be positive, take action and, before you know it, you'll soon be back to the healthy weight that you worked so hard to achieve in the first place.


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