Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Loose Weight Tips - Ten Secret Rules To Weight Loss

The chief scientist of Weight Watchers International, Karen Miller-Kovach, shares her golden rules.

1. Monitor your progress. Weighing yourself once a week, logging food and activity, and measuring yourself with a tape measure will keep you motivated.

2. Eat the foods that satisfy you. Find the food that really makes you zing. Even it it's chocolate, work it into your food plan as a treat. Don't deny yourself.

3. Learn some coping skills so that you don't turn to food for comfort.

4. Feed off the experiences of Members and Leaders. You can never have too many tips and strategies in your weight-loss tool kit.

5. Eat healthy, wholesome foods from all the food groups. That's the only way you're assured of getting the essential nutrients you need.

1. Don't forget to count kilojoules. Eating fewer kilojoules and burning more is the key to losing weight.

2. Don't follow a "diet". Learning, and sticking to healthy habits is what ultimately gets you to, and keeps you at, a healthy weight range.

3. Don't obsess. Develop the skill of being flexible when it comes to food, limiting what you eat but in a way that cuts you some slack for daily living.

4. Don't get distracted. Losing weight takes time and it's easy to let derail your efforts. Spend time recommiting yourself regularly so it stays a top priority.

5. Don't set unrealistic goals. Aim for an initial weight-loss Goal about 20 per cent of your current body weight and expect to lose around 0.5-1 kilogram a week.


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